Nina Sky’s On Some Bulls**t

Nina Sky

Nina Sky

It’s about time. Queens-bred twin duo Nina Sky are set to release their follow up album The Musical sometime in February 2009. That comes after close to a five-year hiatus where the girls were juggling label deals (from Universal to Polo Grounds/J Records) and recording like a million tracks. They’ve decided on a solid bunch for the LP, and rumor has it they’ve already held listening sessions (okay it’s not a rumor, we heard the album) in anticipation for the release.

The tracks on The Musical pretty much run the gamut of styles and sounds, proving Nina Sky are no one-trick ponies (we told ya so). No tracklist is available yet suckas but be on the lookout for the symphonic title track “The Musical”, “Vacancy” with drums from Travis Barker, the soulfully vengeful “Chapter’s Closed”, and of course their latest single “Curtain Call” featuring Rick “The Parolester” Ross. Our favorite track is “On Some Bulls**t” and it’s full of housey freestyle beats and curse words with Nicole from Nina Sky rapping. Salaam Remi produced it and we give it a WAP thumbs up. We have the song, but we’re not sharing it yet. Til then, watch how they deejay better than you do:


2 responses to “Nina Sky’s On Some Bulls**t

  1. I remember I read that one of them DJ’ed but I never saw it in action until now. I’m gonna add this to my page and drop a trackback to here if you don’t mind.

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