Sorry Beyoncé, We Kinda Like Sasha Fierce Better


It’s never a good look when your alter-ego is more popular than you are. Then again, people could give a damn about Clark Kent before he was Super Man, and let’s give a special shout out to Jem and the Holograms. Do you even remember who she really was? We didn’t think so.

This I AM…Sasha Fierce has WAP pretty suspicious. We get the whole “this is who I really am” business vs. the “this is who I am on stage.” Okay okay Ms. Knowles-Carter. But after a thorough listen to the standard edition of I AM…Sasha Fierce, it becomes brutally evident that we’d rather be friends with Sasha Fierce. Here are some tracks from the double album we love more than Michelle and Kelly, but not as much as we love Solange:

\”Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)\”Releasing this alongside “If I Were a Boy” is like putting a broken toy inside a Happy Meal. “If I Were a Boy” is all moaning and weird. This song is jumpy, fun, and Fosse-fied in the video.

\”Sweet Dreams\”Ah-ha! After thinking “Beautiful Nightmare” was never going to release due to its premature leak, it reinvents itself like Madonna and comes out as “Sweet Dreams.” This song is dark but dancey. Renaming it “Sweet Dreams” is a little ironic, judging by how dark it kinda is. “Beautiful Nightmare” was a better fit. The album version has a few more ad-libs; this is the version that first leaked.

\”Radio\”There is something about this track we love in large amounts. Maybe it’s the ’90s dance infused beat or Beyoncé’s makeshift southern gal drawl. Whatever it is, Sasha Fierce won on this.

“Video Phone” and the Bangladesh produced “Diva” get honorable mention, but we’ve been OD’ing on Bey lately, so Google that ish.


One response to “Sorry Beyoncé, We Kinda Like Sasha Fierce Better

  1. You can have Sasha. I’ll take Beyonce.

    These new songs suck.

    Singles lady is just a remake off her last album.

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