Brandy’s Playing Games


Still waiting to be wowed by this Human project. But it’s Brandy, and since she’s been doing her thing for well over a decade and some change, we owe her a fair shot to return. The original “Right Here (Departed)” single was definitely a nice song and a great creative reunion for B-Rocka and Darkchild. The follow-up “Long Distance” was a little too slow in a Billy Ocean kinda way [special thanks to the undercover label rep who corrected us…we knew the correct title, we were listening to some Brandy when we wrote it]. Brandy needs to remember she’s been gone for a minute. You need to throw like three or four SOLID tracks our way to be believable. But alas, we’ll give a second chance to your 2nd thought. This “Right Here (Departed)” remix flew by us and it features the Game. There’s some degree of charm to the track besides more time to enjoy the beat, which is hot in an orchestral kind of way. The Game’s verse is okay, despite it being about how Brandy is his neighbor and how she is eye candy. Do they even live near each other? Either way, it’s worth a listen, but we’re putting you on notice, B. Bring the noise!

Brandy ft. The Game – “Right Here (Departed)” remix


One response to “Brandy’s Playing Games

  1. You’re misinformed
    Brandy second single is Long Distance not Second Thought. Second Thought is an unreleased song from Full Moon.
    And I doubt Brandy co-signed on the Game’s verese on the RH(D) “Remix”

    Brandy-HUMAN December 9, 2008
    BUY IT!!

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