Rihanna is the sexiest, edgiest thing in the pop world. The girl is so frigid, that she no longer smiles in public. One matter is for certain, she is the primary reason Beyonce won’t take a damn break. Rihanna’s new song is another step in the right direction. Titled “Bitch, I’m Special,” she wades in waters her bubbly counterpart simply cannot. The song sports a very sparse track laced with choppy horns and electric guitars. Seems like Rihanna has a message to those beautiful people. But, isn’t she one of them?

Download “Bitch I’m Special”


4 responses to “RIHANNA- “BITCH I’M SPECIAL”

  1. i so love this song…the beat grabs u and sing the chorus all day…BITCH IM SPECIAL….is that her singing..sounds like someone else?

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  3. This is not Rihanna. This is by Michala Shiloh and Chad Beatz. This is a demo that was sent to RIhanna. Media needs to step it up lol

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