Ciara Has a New Song…


The song is called “Explode” and it sounds very typical Ciara. Correction – the Ciara we have grown to know. Remember those days when she used to roll with Jazze Pha and sang “Goodies” and “Oh”? Well, WAP kinda misses that Ciara. Ciara seems to morph into whatever producer/songwriter she is working with that day. For that she shouldn’t be compared to Aaliyah because Aaliyah never did that. Aaliyah was her own person. This isn’t about Aaliyah (R.I.P) though. This is about Ci Ci and her new song. Listen to it and then let’s go back to discussing Aaliyah.

Ciara – “Explode”


11 responses to “Ciara Has a New Song…

  1. Aaliyah only ever worked with Timbaland or Missy for her hits. She was a one dimensional artist. RIP.

  2. Let me say something I know ciara personally and ci is a tomboy she wear Tims jordans fitted hats sweats and white tees. Trust me this is who she is. And she not trying to be anything but her now. So don’t say that when you only on the outside looking in. Peace

  3. Congratulations, Tiny, on being friends with Ciara. We are discussing Ciara as a public figure and how she portrays herself to the “outside” world as you say. You can save the real her for family gatherings. We’re here to talk about music. Thaaaanks.

  4. DEATHH!!!

    You monkeys STAY comparing your favs to the QUEEN!!!

    Ciara has ALWAYS been doing sci-fi/R&B since “Promise”!!!

    She is simply GROWING!!!

    Aaliyah ONLY worked with Missy and Tim, so she ONLY had one R&B sound!!!

    Ciara taps in Pop/R&B/Dance/Electronica/Hip-Hop/Rock and so on!!!

    Just simply spill the Ciara-koolaid and get the sand out ya pussy!!! Dont nobody wanna hear you go on and on about Ciara just because you mad your fav is gone(R.I.P)!!!

  5. This is the last time you call somebody a monkey on this site. Next time, banishment is the penalty.

  6. $Man~Man$, you appear to be a real man’s man, so why you sweatin’ Ci Ci like that? Get a hobby and kill that using “monkey” business.

  7. I see is in the middle of warring factions of Aaliyah and Ciara.

  8. LMFAOOO!!!



    And thats ALL you need to know!!!

  9. Ciara > who? You? We knew that much.

  10. Ciara>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Well you betta STAY knowin it, Trick!!!! =)

  11. *shakes head* lol

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