A Little Birdy Told M.I.A. the Sex of Her Child


No, seriously. According to her SPIN Magazine cover story, the Sri Lankan superstar on the rise said that a parrot in India advised what her unborn child’s gender will be. She has an intuition that she’s carrying a boy, because according to the parrot her folks used, she was supposed to be a boy. She was told, “When you were born, your parents thought you’d be a boy, so you came out with alot of male energy. You can do alot of things that men can do. You’re brave, like a dude.” So now she has to release that male energy into a son. If anyone else said something like this, we’d probably be a little creeped out, but she’s M.I.A and she can do anything, so in honor of the potential gender of her child, let’s enjoy “Boyz” remix free:


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