The manic masses of people are at a critical point culturally.

“How can we banish the vocoder/talk box/autotune?” they query collectively. There was a day, however, when Roger Troutman was the King of the Talkbox… but Steve Wonder was the one that put his contemporary onto the device.

WAP wonders if Stevie felt how T-Pain does now or if he just let the others live creatively. Hey, Roger is no Ron Browz. Check out more proof of Stevie Wonder’s boundless ingenuity.

In 1972, he made it funky on Sesame Street:


5 responses to “WAS STEVIE WONDER THE T-PAIN OF THE 70’s?

  1. Yo !

    I’m not gonna go as far to say that T Pain should be considered in the same iconic class as Stevie Wonder. Mad props to T Pizz for bringin’ the hooks these days.

    Hey true Stevie Wonder fans should peep R Dub’s slow jamz show. He throws down some dope cuts from the man. Peep this:


  2. Yo Stevie is throwin’ it down in L.A. on Dec 13th and Hot 92.3fm is giving away tix all w-end. Peep this:


  3. I am so sick of people saying (and writing) that autotune and the talkbox are the same thing. THEY ARE NOT !!! Autotune is a dumb ass computer program that helps to tune the voice of people who actually don’t know how to sing a right note and tunes it automatically and the talk box is a real live instrument that you actually have to play like a keyboard. So the Talkbox/Vocoder is an instrument you have to know how to play (and how to sing to it)and the Autotune is a programm that corrects the voice of a singer who doesn’t know how to sing. Get It? It’s the complete opposite !!!!!!!!! They just turn on the distortion in autotune, that’s what makes them sound similar. Aaaaarrghhhh….

  4. man t-pain actually thinks he started this stevie can give him lessons

  5. Ok… sigh… T-Pain gives MAD props to Roger and Teddy Riley. If people did a little research, they would see these things.

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