John Forte! Grab the Mic Roots, Sway It This Way!

41530_lgHooray! Fugees’ homeboy / Carly Simon’s Godson John Forte is being released from Oz. Strangely enough, George W. Bush is responsible for this. Apparently, Forte isn’t being “pardoned” but “commuted” which means he will still hold the conviction of possession of tons of drugs, but it will end his sentence five years early. You can read all about that here. Since WAP knows nothing about drug trafficking, we are going to end that discussion and move onto some good ol’ talk of Forte’s music. As you know, John Forte threw a couple of solid verses the Fugees’ way during the era of the Refugee Camp Allstars back when Clef and Lauryn pretended they had no beef. Once they realized they really did have beef, all of a sudden the Allstars were gone (Jeni Fujita, you still there?). Anyway following his release of Poly Sci, Forte began dabbling with singing. The release of i, John brought a whole different man to the table and just when we were beginning to figure him out, he was sent up north. Hopefully his release from prison will bring him some good vibes and good music to us. Check out this track he did with Canadian songstress Esthero (the co-mastermind of Kanye’s “Love Lockdown”). The track is called “How Could I” and it sounds nothing like anything Forte released prior to i, John. WAP was feeling his direction. Hopefully he stays on the right path.

John Forte ft. Esthero – “How Could I?”

We Trying To Stay Alive – Wyclef Jean featuring John Forté and Pras

“I’m more than just a rhymer, you still a small timer. Hopin’ that the game’ll treat your ass a little kinder.”


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