B.o.B. on Auto-Tune

This is hilarious.


8 responses to “B.o.B. on Auto-Tune

  1. strawberrylovin

    Lol. this is funny, so true but most of all Hott! I hate t- lame and his dance moves. he thinks somebody got to ask to use something he did not invent himself. He does his own choroeography but not his own singing.

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  3. damn…i used autotune once…lol..after that shit…i dont think i will anymore….lol…kanye and t-pain and lil wayne gotta be mad at this one!!! lmfao

  4. Props!dude studio is sick!

  5. dat shits funny i like the way you twisted it away from tha way evy 1 els did it

    or used i


  6. my man b.o.b. is hella sick in da studio i agree with y’all about t-lame and his chapped azz lips

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