WAP is a fairly apolitical movement. But, Musiq Soulchild has scored a hit with “So Beautiful.” Well, the slow jam isn’t technically a hit yet, but the loins of women worldwide are hotter than Superhead in the Phoenix sun. Anyway, some filmmaker named FilmGrl4Lyfe decided to contextualize the song with Barack & Michelle Obama and Family and we couldn’t help but post it. Politics to the side, its a beautiful example of love and will certainly bolster the song’s appeal.


9 responses to “MUSIQ SOULCHILD “SO BEAUTIFUL” (Barack Obama Remix)

  1. beautiful love they have

  2. A very good shot a taking black families away from the negativity. And what better person to sing this than the man who sung the song “LOVE” Mr NEO SOUL. I can’t clap hard enough for this one. I love the way blackness is shown once the Obama’s are presented. Hopefully this will rub off on many other black families. Maybe black MEN and WOMEN will realize that they do need each other beyond what everyone else thinks.

  3. that was so beautiful i was in tears musiq tore that song up

  4. Wow. Beautifully done. Both byMusiq and Filygrl4lyfe.

  5. Insane. This is simply beautiful work. Great job!!

  6. This was beautiful. I love the Obama family and I know he’s going to do a great job he’s covered in the Blood Of Jesus Chrsit. God Bless Musiq he’s so talented yet very underrated

  7. that song and video is friggin beautiful. I can honestly say that its a blessing to be in love and to stay that way. I luv u Hunni 🙂

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