Late Pass: Annie


So call it sheer ignorance or a late pass since WAP was just starting. Or blame it on the “holiday shuffle.” Whatever, this Germany by way of Norway gal Annie is pretty awesome. Her first release was in ’05 called Anniemal and she’s set to release her new album soon. It was pushed back already (see that doesn’t only happen to Dr. Dre’s Detox or the phantom Keri Hilson album).  She did a remake of Stacey Q’s “Two of Hearts” and it’s pretty amazing. For anyone over 25, this song will bring back so many memories. For WAP, it’s watching Stacey Q sing this very song on The Facts of Life as the name “Cinnamon” in Tootie’s dance class. Then a year later she was on Full House signing autographs for DJ Tanner. Annie has her own DJ too and they did a bang-up remake of this freestyle classic. Right click below to download that bad girl:

Annie – “Two of Hearts (Stacey Q cover)”

and a moment for the original:


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