Oh good. Another disposable Lil Wayne some with autotune! Get it whilst the getting is good, Wappers!



  1. I usually hate his songs with the auto tune but actually this one isn’t bad.

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  3. fuck lil wayne 4life

  4. fuck lil wayne 4life………………..4rm 9ja boyz……….

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  6. Im kind of tired of this autotune thing I think weezy is really abusing it

  7. Lil Wayne is the shyttt..n he’s doing his thang, hate him love him………..the man’z still him and can’t NOBODY change that!!!!

  8. lmao0o0………….nigga sed fxck lil wayne for life, lil wayne is your favorite rapper favorite rapper

  9. oye lil wayne usted es el mas cabron y mejor rapero de ahora de aqui the proper neigebor

  10. f**k all the people who hate lil wayne im in love with him he is the best rapper alive so any body who hate let the haters hate and just so everybody know i dont believe the roomer they say about him gettin lauren london and neavia pregnet but if it is true i dont i will still love him even in my dreams i think about him and i know almost ever body think the same cause i know wat i b thinkin and wat i b thinkin about is that i wanna f**k weezy really bad and really hard and my ex boyfriend rashaun looks like lil wayne to and im not lyin im dead serius

  11. Wezzy hard he”s the rapper Alive Wayne is Music

  12. yall niggas can say all the sh*t yall want but lil wayne gettin money that nigga is the madafukin sh*t

  13. your a fuking faget ass bitch you can not rap for shit you punk ass niggah

  14. lil wayne is the best and he is not abusing outotune t-pain is.

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