About Without a Pause.

We are just a couple of cheap dime store hoods with college degrees who traveled by boat through Hip-Hop purism, indie rock, electro-everything, and still had time to learn the chicken noodle soup dance in between re-runs of Soul Train that we were old enough to remember the first time around…without a pause.

We’re not better than you, but we like the same music you do and sometimes that music makes you wear funky clothes or turn on black lights and do that dance while drinking Crooked Ides in your dorm or your mama’s basement…without a pause.

We don’t need designer labels to get fresh, but sometimes we trade in our coke bottles for dimes and add ’em up to buy some nice kicks or a purse (if you’re a girl) or an iTune or a Blackberry-iKick and are the baddest on the block in Target jeans…without a pause.

Is that you? We like you too. WAP on, rebels!


5 responses to “About Without a Pause.

  1. You guys should write for theusmagazine.com

  2. DEVILHORNS video @


  3. How can I submit my tape to post
    Anotha Day UpThaWay Hosted by Don Cannon & Dj Infamous

    CLeveland …

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