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Kid Sister Photo Shoot

So WAP was at an undisclosed location in NY (hint: Q-Tip spins there) watching the lovely femcee Kid Sister do a little modeling for a top secret campaign. Are those Reeboks we see? Check out the pics:






While Amy Is Under a Rock Somewhere…

Check out how Lily Allen rocks on the Ellen show.

M.I.A. Politics About Sri Lankan Genocide

M.I.A. has always been one to speak on injustice. This one hits very close to home, as the Sri Lankan songstress (still pregnant) speaks to Tavis Smiley about what’s really going on. Not a lot of detail, but she’s speaking out more than everyone else. That’s for certain.

Part One

Part Two

New Jazmine Sullivan – “Lions, Tigers, Bears” Video

You know, the hook to this single would probably come off as cheeky and melodramatic if anyone but Jazmine Sullivan sang it. This song “Lions, Tigers, Bears” is so intense despite the Wizard of Oz undertones. The video is a reflection of that with yellow brick roads, but still, wow. Love the violins, visually and musically!

Tyanna Dream Wallace Gives Her Points of View On Notorious

Biggie’s daughter talks about her dad’s movie. Awww she says “Uncle Puff”.

This was too cute.

The Aaliyah Biopic

Keisha Chante will be playing Aaliyah in the upcoming biopic. There’s a resemblance there, but WAP wonders if she can capture the “essence” of Aaliyah. Maybe she should use Jamal “Gravy” Woolard’s acting coach.

Queen Bee to Queen Bee