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What IS this?




Another one of Wayne’s Autotuned rock songs.


The fact is, Without A is a site decidedly about music. But, with “24” returning to TV this weekend, we had to offer something musical to bring these two worlds together. We present “Epic Moments from 24.” We hurt ourselves to see if we still feel.

Everyone we know…goes away in the end.

It never stops so just give up…

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Words and Video: Addy Dunkle

“This is the first Idle Warship show ever!” proclaims Talib Kweli!

Withoutapause attended the Idle Warship show in New York City and boy were we surprised! The first shocker was Mr. Kweli telling those fans that this was the Warship’s first show. No. No. No. WAP was at the SXSW festival this year and we saw the real very first show right in Austin, Texas. We were in the front row at that show and were intrigued enough to come back for a second dose.

Securities are some suckers, a shock that’s not such a shock! Stupid security stopped us from recording group member Res as she performed “Ice King,” our favorite song of the sexy siren. Then, Talib Kweli hit the show climax with “Get By,” which totally killed B.B. King’s club in midtown Manhattan. We’d like to think that this start-up trio, including Graph Nobel, would like all the youtubing possible to get the buzz really going.

“We got songs for days! We do this independent,” Talib said as the show winds down.

Anyway, we were pleased to see Talib, Graph and Res rock the house with a combination of rap, rock, pop, electro-funk and dance. After hearing some early songs, we weren’t sure what to expect. What we experienced was a formless, shapeless party that held concertgoers for well over an hour. Graph Nobel, cute as a button, proved she deserved to be there. Res shook the shadow of Santogold and commanded the crowd. And Talib displayed the leadership of a circus ringmaster.

Here’s some of the crappy footage we did manage to capture before security stopped us!

They left the crowd chanting “Encore!” and they gave them what they wanted…another bouncy jam session.


There is no questioning the beauty in Gary Jules’ “Mad World.” Does it evoke R.E.M. Yes. And that is why we love this timely, albeit soft song.


Man, everybody hurts. Word to R.E.M.

Don’t you dare front, sucka.

“Jockin’ Jay-Z” Travis Barker remix


So this was apparently the last song Travis Barker was working on prior to the crash that left he and DJ AM hospitalized for several weeks with third degree burns. The remix is obviously hot, considering Trav’s undeniable drumming. The remix is way more Rock, and definitely gives the track some edge. He even made Soulja Boy Tell Em Dot Com sound good with that “Crank Dat” remix. We’re definitely fans.

Newsflash: Common Collabs With Cee-Lo. Madness Ensues


Hopefully this collab with Cee-Lo will get the just props it deserves. Common’s Universal Mind Control releases next week, and this song “Make My Day” is on it. Play this song during a thunderstorm and we guarantee that the skies will open up and the sun will come out with a big rainbow and dancing flowers like a trippy cartoon. Grateful Dead bears will be there too. Don’t forget to RSVP.

Common ft. Cee-Lo – “Make My Day”