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Kid Sister Photo Shoot

So WAP was at an undisclosed location in NY (hint: Q-Tip spins there) watching the lovely femcee Kid Sister do a little modeling for a top secret campaign. Are those Reeboks we see? Check out the pics:





While Amy Is Under a Rock Somewhere…

Check out how Lily Allen rocks on the Ellen show.

Queen Bee to Queen Bee

Welcome home, Mr. President

It’s a great day to be an American.

Table Talk With CuDi and Asher

They’re talking…yet…they’re rhyming. Is that what they call freestyling?



We’ve been wondering what happened to Alice Smith. After she dropped For Lovers, Dreamers and Me , her Grammy-nominated debut, she seemed to disappear in thin air. (Thin air, if touring, doing TV and getting raves constitutes thin air) Well, we’ve been dying (like two years of our life GONE) for a sophomore album and got to thinking, “Why hasn’t Alice Smith come out again with a second album?”

Suddenly, like a blast from a shotgun – it hit us! Alice must be waiting for some inspiration from Kermit The Frog, an accomplished singer. If you listen to the amphibian’s song “The Rainbow Connection,” he croons a line, “Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me.”

Look no farther, Ms. Smith. We want you back so badly, we offer this to you. C’mon…make it snappy! Do remember – Kermit’s version of “The Rainbow Connection” was a straight-up hit, reaching #25 on the charts in 1979. Here is an odd hodge-podge of videos from Alice and Kermy.

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