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M.I.A. has lost none of her edge. Download “Death to the Thrown” and go overthrow a government afterwards.


M.I.A. Politics About Sri Lankan Genocide

M.I.A. has always been one to speak on injustice. This one hits very close to home, as the Sri Lankan songstress (still pregnant) speaks to Tavis Smiley about what’s really going on. Not a lot of detail, but she’s speaking out more than everyone else. That’s for certain.

Part One

Part Two

The SLU Remix We Never Got?


Mick Boogie strikes again with a remix to “Swagger Like Us” which utilizes the M.I.A. “Paper Planes” hook instead of looping the bridge. It’s actually just Jay and Ye’s verses from the “original” track. Considering everyone but TI had sub par verses on “SLU”, it’s not the greatest we’ve ever heard. Yet somehow the song sounds better with the “Paper Planes” hook. Still waiting on that remix that never was. Somebody get Three Stacks on the phone.

wap_buttonMick Boogie ft. Kanye West and Jay-Z – “Swagger Like Paper”

A Little Birdy Told M.I.A. the Sex of Her Child


No, seriously. According to her SPIN Magazine cover story, the Sri Lankan superstar on the rise said that a parrot in India advised what her unborn child’s gender will be. She has an intuition that she’s carrying a boy, because according to the parrot her folks used, she was supposed to be a boy. She was told, “When you were born, your parents thought you’d be a boy, so you came out with alot of male energy. You can do alot of things that men can do. You’re brave, like a dude.” So now she has to release that male energy into a son. If anyone else said something like this, we’d probably be a little creeped out, but she’s M.I.A and she can do anything, so in honor of the potential gender of her child, let’s enjoy “Boyz” remix free:


This video reportedly cost $9.95. The artistic value is priceless!

This isn’t the first time these two have worked together.

Swagger Like M.I.A (T.I. and M.I.A. Perform “Swagger Like Us” at the Diesel xXx Party in NYC)

It was an evening of acronyms at the Diesel xXx Party in Brooklyn this past weekend, as M.I.A., N.E.R.D., T.I. and a bunch of other people (we love you Chaka Khan) gathered for mash-ups, circus freaks, and potential fire code hazards all in the name of overpriced denim. The universal party took place in 17 different cities across the world and was broadcast live on the Diesel website. Enough about all that.

While T.I., Hov, et al cleverly borrowed M.I.A.’s line from “Paper Planes” for the obligatory posse cut “Swagger Like Us” (and every dreadful remake) let’s not forget the godmother of the catch phrase. T.I. hops on the stage at BK’s Pier 3 and out walks Miss Maya herself, very pregnant with her protege Rye Rye at her side. Music drops and you completely forget M.I.A. is eating for two as she bounces around and does variations of the butterfly while chanting her sampled line. Props to T.I. for recognizing real. Now if they could only get her on the remix…